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2019 Award for Training Design

At the end of 2019 Performance Matters and Shad Canada received an award from the Institute for Performance and Learning (I4PL) for ‘Designing Learning Experiences.’ The program combined elearning and in-person sessions.

The blended program on Risk Management is part of onboarding new team members and includes an interactive, scenario-based elearning course designed for computer, tablet or mobile. The program also includes ‘training in a box’ for program directors to lead in-person sessions so team members can apply what they have learned.

This project was unique because it was Shad Canada’s first time offering elearning and they needed both the course as well as the hosting provider, or learning management system (LMS). We worked together to identify the hosting platform that would work with the course and their budget.


Five Tips for Designing Award-Winning elearning

I learned is that offering elearning –  quality elearning – is possible for organizations with smaller budgets. So often it can feel daunting to move from traditional classroom training to online. And, I often find clients don’t know where to begin.

Here are five tips I follow to create award-winning elearning:

  1. Use an analogy of cars and a parking garage to explain the components at a high level so clients can evaluate what’s needed and the costs.
  2. Complete a needs assessment, even a brief one, to ensure the course will result in changed behaviour and meet the business needs.
  3. Take the time in the beginning to identify the high-level design, including the ‘hook’ to engage learners. This makes the course more engaging right from the beginning.
  4. Follow an instructional design process that is specific to elearning and includes QA and testing throughout.
  5. Ensure the elearning has a seamless interface. This means the screen layout needs to be intuitive. And each screen needs to be visually appealing. I’m not referring to lots of images and animated graphics. Instead, well-placed images that support the message, movement when it enhances engagement, and complementary colours that support the client’s brand are all critical.

Curious to Learn More?

Here is some more information about Performance Matters, the program, and elearning:

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