10 Tips for Virtual Delivery

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I’ve reflected that online Zoom meetings have become our new ‘normal.’ As I talk with clients and colleagues, I hear about the challenges in redesigning in-person programs for virtual delivery.

I’ve created some tips for designing programs for virtual delivery. If you’re looking at redesigning for virtual delivery, I hope these tips help!


Here are some more tips for increasing engagement overall in a virtual environment.


This exposure has helped me design elearning and blended programs that leverage the LMS functionality. It has also provided me with insights into what works for smaller organizations. Email me if you are curious to learn more.

Interested in brainstorming together?

I’ve had a few brainstorming conversations with colleagues and clients. I’m happy to have a brainstorming conversation with you to support you as you rethink how you interact with colleagues, customers and participants. 

If you want to learn a bit more about my background, here are some projects where I have designed and facilitated online training.

And, finally, here is some information on some of the services I provide.

Consider taking this course to redesign an in-person training program for online delivery:

Check out the other services I provide to clients to help them improve employee performance.

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