Online course for L&D professionals to redesign for online delivery

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I’ve had a few consulting colleagues and clients contact me in the past 12 weeks to talk about how to redesign their in-person training programs for online delivery.

  • In some cases, I’ve had great brainstorming conversations to talk through what’s possible.
  • In other cases, independent consultants have hired me as an advisor/coach to help them redesign a specific course.
  • And, some clients have reached out to ask me to design programs for summer and fall delivery.

I thought I’d pull together these individual conversations I’ve been having and offer a course to help fellow L&D professionals (in-house and independents) to pivot their programs.

Here’s an overview of the program.


It’s going to be engaging and hands-on. Participants will benefit by: 

  • Working on an actual training program they need to redesign.
  • Seeing good design and effective facilitation ‘in action’ so its role modelled for them.
  • Learning from the processes I follow and receiving the templates I use with my clients.
  • Being supported between sessions through an online forum.
  • Learning from other L&D professionals through discussions and opportunities for feedback. 

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