Online learning is like hang gliding

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You need the right technology, great design and facilitation.

This five-module online program will get you started with redesigning an existing in-person for online delivery.


The modules are engaging and hands-on. You will benefit by: 

  • Working on an actual training program you need to redesign.
  • Seeing good design and effective facilitation ‘in action’ so its role modelled for you.
  • Learning from the processes I follow and receiving the templates I use with my clients.
  • Being supported between sessions through an online forum.
  • Learning from other L&D professionals through discussions and opportunities for feedback.

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Redesign for Online: Course for L&D Professionals: video script

When the pandemic started, many of us had to pause our training initiatives because we delivered in-person. Some of us quickly redesigned these programs for online delivery. We hastily put something together and launched it just to keep going. This worked and was needed at the time.

Now, many of us realize that we need to make a more permanent shift to online delivery. Quality online programming is like hang gliding. You need the right equipment – technology. You need to know where you’re going – great design. When you jump, you need to be able to navigate the currents – facilitation.

Sign up to learn these skills and immediately apply your knowledge of technology, design and facilitation to a course you need to redesign right now.

Don’t just launch something and hope it will land how you want it to.

Plan for and have quality online programming that your audience expects from you.

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