Blended Learning: The best of both worlds

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As I talk with colleagues and clients in organizations large and small, our conversations inevitably turn to how people will work after the pandemic. Many are planning a hybrid approach, and it seems remote work and learning will be a lingering effect of the world ‘catching COVID’.

Ongoing work and learning remotely raise the question of how to integrate the learning and development programs we had before the pandemic with the programs we redesigned for online over the past year.

How can we determine what training should remain online
and what would be better in-person – the way it was before?

I suggest there’s a third option in addition to online and in-person – a blended approach. I’ve been sharing weekly video posts online about different training delivery channels. Here’s a short video on blended learning. 

As I shared in the video, blended learning is where we can get creative with training and development. We can tailor the design to serve the content and audience best and to work with the organization’s environment.  

I know this was a different format from my regular newsletters. Thanks for reading (and watching)! I’m curious how you see post-pandemic work and learning unfolding and if you think there’s a place for blended learning. Email me and let me know. I’d love to hear your perspective.  

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