I’m responsible for developing and delivering product safety and equipment operation training. I attended Hannah’s Design for a Digital Age program to learn and apply the latest concepts for remote training. Before the program I struggled with long boring content and finding ways to teach technical content virtually. As a result of Hannah’s program, I now include pre-course work on the foundational content for our courses so candidates can enter the class with prior knowledge. I didn’t have the time to teach the content from scratch in an online session.

This shift has helped me overcome this hurdle. My two biggest takeaways from the program were the pre-course exercises/workbooks and incorporating interactive slides/gamification.
There were a few things I applied immediately and many more that I continue to apply over time. I appreciated the downloadable resources to go back to after the course. It’s great to have the information on hand to refer back to when needed.

I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to expand to remote/online training delivery.