Working with Hannah on a project was a wonderful experience. She is well-organized and thoughtful. She excels at both project and team management.

The project we worked on was complex and aimed to set licensure standards for a profession that would be rigorous and acceptable to all provinces. Standards ranged from administration & instructor qualifications to course delivery and exams. Necessarily, the project team had members with complementary and considerable expertise.

From the initial proposal to the final report, Hannah managed time and resources quite well, nimbly adjusting to the unexpected events that are typical for complex projects. Well-defined plans, including time and personnel commitments for each task the project required, made both role and time commitment clear. Relations between team members remained cordial and grew stronger under her leadership. Her approach demonstrated respect for the expertise and the time of team members.

We started the project as a group of individual experts, and under her leadership, we finished the project as a coherent team with a sense of a job well-done. As a licensed organizational psychologist, I can heartily recommend working with Hannah to get complex projects done smoothly and professionally.