When our firm rolled out our 3 year Business Strategy my L&D team and I saw the need to create a new L&D Strategy to support our Staff and Leaders in achieving the business objectives set forth in the Business Strategy. We quickly realized we could benefit from some expert support in assessing our current state, identifying our top learning needs and defining a future state for learning at the firm. In essence we were looking for an experienced L&D professional to “join” our team and help us buildout our strategy. That’s where Hannah came in.

Hannah brought her expertise in needs assessment, project management and learning methodology to help us create a framework for our new L&D strategy. Hannah played a critical role as an Advisor to our team, proposed a project plan to achieve our goal, played an active part in our data collection and analysis, and most importantly helped us refine our recommendations. With Hannah’s assistance we were able to create an L&D strategy that was approved and endorsed by our Senior Leadership and which we are actively engaged in implementing.

If you are considering working with an experienced L&D professional consultant to help you and your organization meet your L&D needs I would strongly suggest you consider working with Hannah Brown.