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I’m currently working on my next book, Lead with Learning. [I haven’t decided on the sub-title yet! wink] It’s focused on the leader’s role in developing their employees and helping create future leaders.

Every Friday, I post about my writing journey and progress. If you want to follow along, go to LinkedIn and follow #bookbyhannah and #leadwithlearning.

I’m interviewing leaders to clarify the messages in my book and to gather stories of their successes and challenges with employee development. I’d love to talk if you’d like to be interviewed for 30 minutes!

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My flagship program, Lead with Learning, begins with a diagnostic and workshop, Build a Learning Culture on Your Team. The program is based on the concepts in this book and helps leaders nurture a learning mindset and foster a culture of learning in their teams.

Training that Clicks: Virtual Design Playbook

Training that Clicks: Virtual Design Playbook emerged out of the pandemic when we all  had to make the massive switch to virtual work and learning. Now we have embraced virtual work and learning but are still grappling with flexible work arrangements, in-office work and trying to keep employees engaged.

I find there are pockets where training was (understandably) moved to virtual quite hastily and needs a proper redesign, given we continue to learn virtually. I also find pockets of people who are asked to design training when it’s not a core skill set.

  • They may be part of a team implementing a system upgrade and need to include training in the implementation.
  • They may be in Human Resources in a small organization and, therefore, represent training but feel ill-equipped to design impactful virtual programs.

Training that Clicks is for these people. It outlines my design process and has QR codes to watch supplementary videos and download resources. There are stories and illustrations throughout, to keep it engaging and easier to read.

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I have an award-winning program, Design for a Digital Age, that teaches the concepts in the book and includes virtual facilitation.


Lead with Learning: The case for embedding learning in our teams

In my work with leaders and learning and development professionals, I see the need for organizations to be more resilient and adaptable as we respond to constant change. I see leaders and their teams struggling to balance achieving results with the need to build cohesive, effective teams. I see employees disconnecting from work and quietly looking for other opportunities.

It is our ability to learn and adapt that will see us through. And yet, our advancements in training design only go so far in addressing the many challenges that leaders and their teams face. 

This paper highlights the need for organizations to move beyond formal training and foster a culture of learning on their teams by developing employees and equipping leaders. Organizations are made up of individuals – they will adapt only to the extent that their employees are able to do so. Leaders are the conduit to make that happen.


Aligning Learning: 3 Essential Skills Executives Need in L&D Managers

in Chief Learning Officer Magazine

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, executives need to maximize organizational success and drive growth. This article sheds light on the three essential skills learning executives should develop in their Learning and Development (L&D) managers to achieve these objectives.

When L&D managers possess robust learning acumen, the organization benefits from alignment between business objectives and learning initiatives, resulting in targeted skill development and improved organizational outcomes. By honing their project and program management skills, L&D managers can lead their teams in designing and implementing high-quality learning initiatives that meet business timelines, budgets and employee performance needs. Finally, L&D managers with business acumen can articulate and demonstrate the value of the learning function within the organization in business terms that other functional stakeholders and leaders will understand and respect.

By recognizing and prioritizing these crucial skills, executives position learning as a key value driver and ultimately enhance organizational performance.


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Leader’s role in employee development

Leader’s role in employee development

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Looking back and ahead

Looking back and ahead

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Short-term results at the expense of learning 

Short-term results at the expense of learning 

I want to start this month’s newsletter with a cautionary tale.   In creating the Model T in 1908, Henry Ford proclaimed that he wanted to “build a motor car for the great multitude.” He achieved his vision, and by 1921, he was producing 56% of all passenger...

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